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As the seasons begin to change, you may be wondering if you will benefit from installing winter tires on your vehicle.  For drivers in Nampa, ID who experience harsh winters, swapping your all-season tires for winter tires can help significantly improve your traction and performance.  Designed with deeper treads that adhere to the slippery road conditions better, winter tires are engineered for keeping you safe and in control when the going gets tough.

If you drive a less capable vehicle, like a front-wheel-drive sedan, you could potentially benefit from switching to winter tires.  Not only do they help increase your capability, but they also ensure a higher level of road protection when the wintery conditions start to peak.  Let's take a closer look and explore the benefits of using winter tires.

How Are Winter Tires Different from All-Season Tires?

Winter tires, commonly referred to as snow tires, offer many advantages over traditional all-season tires.  If you're looking to make to the switch in Nampa, ID, there are many benefits to consider when swapping your all-season tires for winter tires, including:

  • Innovative Tire Technology - Engineered for maximum handling and control, snow tires are the product of true tire innovation.  Designed and tested by leading automotive safety experts in the field, the technology offered by each individual snow tire is unparalleled when the conditions are inclement.
  • Winter Air Pressure - Tire air pressure, as you can imagine, fluctuates with the changing of the weather.  During the warmer months of spring and summer, your air pressure reaches a certain comfort level that's ideal for warmer weather.  But as the snow begins to fall, you'll need a capable set of snow tires that are inflated with higher doses of compressed winter air.
  • Exceptional Traction - Reinforced with deeper and more intricate tread patterns, winter tires offer exceptional traction on the icy roads when you need it most.  Noticeably different and more aggressive than all-season tires, winter tires are what you need to help stay in control on the roads in Nampa, ID.
  • Increased Flexibility - Winter tires are made from rubber that's more flexible than traditional all-season tires.  This helps your snow tires react to the ever-changing wintery landscape better and with ease as you travel through the snow.
  • Less Likely to Hydroplane - Because of the increased tire tread and the heightened level of traction, winter tires are less likely to cause you to hydroplane and slip off the road.  For ultimate peace of mind when the highways are sheathed with thick blankets of ice, winter tires are there to help keep you safe.
  • Treasure Valley Subaru Adventure Tire Packages

    Here at Treasure Valley Subaru in Nampa, ID, we offer a variety of exclusive Subaru Adventure Tire Packages for some of our most popular models, including the Subaru Crosstrek, Ascent, and Outback.

    Crosstrek - 2018 and Up

    • Package starting at $3,500.00 includes installation, tire lift kit, a 16-inch wheel and tire package (multiple styles and brands available), Thule Cargo Basket, and wheel alignment.


    • Package starting at $5,100.00 includes installation, lift kit, an 18-inch wheel and tire package (multiple styles and brands available), Thule Cargo Basket, and wheel alignment.

    Outback - 2020 and Up

    • Package includes installation, lift kit, a 17-inch wheel and tire package (multiple styles and brands available), and wheel alignment.

    Learn More About Winter Tires at Treasure Valley Subaru

    For more information about the benefits of using winter tires, please call, click, or contact us online at Treasure Valley Subaru.  Consult with our sales team today and learn how to save on your next winter tire package for your Subaru.  We look forward to Ascent hearing from you!

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